This student didn't want to publish her name, but her story is so inspiring that it needed to be included!

She is an experienced dentist but in order to be allowed to practice in the United States, she needed to complete an International Dentist program.

Competition for these programs is incredibly high and to be considered, she needed a total score of 100+.

This is her TOEFL story, told in her own words.

I am originally from Pakistan. I lived for some time in the UAE as my father worked with Citibank but, when I was young, my family moved to Pakistan. I did my education there and also my Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

I came to the US in 2009 and now live in California.

I am a dentist by profession, but in order to practice here in the US, I have to go to a dental school for two years.

Taking TOEFL was very challenging for me. When I took TOEFL the first time, I got 80. However, to apply for dental schools, I required more than 100. I took this test 5 times and the highest score that I got was exactly 100, which wasn't high enough.

I got so frustrated that after my last score, which was 99, I quit and decided not to apply for dental schools. I started a Master of Science degree in Health Care Informatics from the University of San Diego, California.  

But, I decided to take TOEFL again, and reached out to Jane to help me.


Challenge of TOEFL

All sections were challenging for me especially reading, writing and listening. It was difficult for me to raise my writing score from 24 to 27 or 28. I used to study 10 - 15 hours every week. I used to write one integrated essay and one independent essay every week and did 3 or 4 reading passages every week.

Ready for lessons?

"The strategies taught by Jane were easy to understand and she provided the best resources to practice for TOEFL tests. Her feedback was very customized and she was always there to help me."

I always thought that I would not be able to get to score of more than 100. But, after getting 104, I regained my confidence and I can again apply for dental schools. My score is more competitive now and I hope I will get the dental interviews.

I would say that it is important to have a positive attitude and if someone feels burnt out by taking TOEFL again and again, then it is better to reach out to a person like Jane as she has all the skills of helping people to get their target scores.

The Future


A few months after this student received her TOEFL result, she contacted me again and said she’d like to try for an even higher score! Although her score of 104 was acceptable for dental programs, she was applying to very competitive schools and she felt that she’d have a better chance with a score of around 106 - 108. So we arranged two more months of lessons. These involved intensive study where we focused on all 4 sections of the exam. We spent a lot of time in lessons paraphrasing reading passages as well as analysing speaking lectures and integrated essay passages. We concentrated on function word phrases that make reading passages difficult to understand. And she was studying another 10 - 15 hours each week by herself.

And there’s a very happy ending to this story! This dentist raised her score from 104 (R25, L28, S24, W27) to 113 (R27, L29, S29, W28). A fantastic increase of 9 points overall.