Diego is a chemical engineer from Garagoa, Columbia. He's currently living and studying in Mexico City.

He needed TOEFL  to apply for a PhD program.

His target score was 90 and with just one attempt at TOEFL, he scored a fantastic 94!

Read on to find out how he conquered TOEFL.

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TOEFL Studying

When Diego started TOEFL lessons with Jane, he hadn't got any experience of the exam at all.  Also, he wasn't living in an English speaking country so this meant that he didn't have the experience of being immersed in English to help him practice.

Jane helped him to devise lots of creative exercises so that he could practice effectively every day.

In total, he took about 3 months to prepare for his TOEFL exam. He fitted TOEFL studying around his university work, and studied for around 10 hours each week.

"I really enjoyed lessons with Jane. She's so nice and a very kind person - so patient. She tries to speak as clearly as possible in English and that helped me a lot. She's an excellent teacher. You can learn a lot in just a lesson.

She taught me all about the TOEFL test - the structure and the best strategies to deal with all the sections. She encouraged me to keep practicing and gave me some useful advice for the speaking section which was the toughest one for me."

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The TOEFL Exam

At the beginning of the exam, I felt nervous but as I continued I started to relax.

I was so surprised when I got my results because I never thought I would be able to reach a decent score in the speaking section. In general, I think I did well because my target score was 90 and I achieved 94.

Hi Jane,

I'm sending you my official TOEFL scores.

I’m surprised that I reached 22 on speaking section haha.

Unfortunately it seemed that I made a lot of mistakes in the writing section, but in general I reached my goal.

Thank so much for all your help.

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Diego’s Advice for TOEFL Students

You can do whatever you want if you are diligent enough and God will open up doors and ways in your life.

1. Never Give Up

2. Always Be Positive

The Future

I'm going to apply for a doctorate program in biotechnology.

I'm happy with my results and I feel confident that my current TOEFL score will help me to reach my dream of becoming a PhD.