Hasnaa arrived in the United States as a refugee from Iraq.

She hadn’t finished pharmacy school at that point, so after 2 years of living in the US, she went to Jordan for a year by herself to finish her pharmacy studies.

Immediately after she returned to the United States, she prepared for her FPGEE exam. And as soon as she finished that, she started studying for TOEFL.  

Now she has finished TOEFL.

This her story, told in her own words.

Studying History and TOEFL Lessons with Jane

I took the TOEFL exam nine times in total. From attempts six to nine, I was just failing by one or two points and it was so frustrating.  

You helped me with writing and speaking. We studied writing first, for 2 months, then we switched to speaking and we practiced both skills together.

You taught me step by step. You found my mistakes and gave me feedback. I didn’t know about my mistakes before but you gave me feedback so that I wouldn’t repeat them.

I listened to your steps and I tried to do everything you told me. I love the way you teach and I wish I’d met you before!

When I studied with other teachers it was like, “Okay, just let me correct this one for you and that’s it”. They didn’t give me the strategies of how to study. But you told me in the beginning, “Hasnaa, we will change the way you study”. Well, it was worth it.  

Between my last two exam attempts, I had a whole month. So, I could prepare for all the sections for a whole month and I think that helped me.

Hasnaa's Last TOEFL Exam - Ever!

When I went to the exam, I told myself, “This is the last time! I know I will pass it!” I’m sure 50% of my success was about confidence. It helped me because I was responding to all the questions with confidence.  

In the reading I was smiling! I had maybe 3 or 4 minutes left at the end and the previous time, I didn’t have time to finish.

In the listening section, I was shaking because it was so hard. I didn’t do as well as I usually do because it was so hard.

In speaking, I was confident for the first time ever from T1. I answered everything in 45 seconds and this gave me confidence to keep going. In T4, I didn’t have time to finish but I was trying to say everything I could.

I was shocked about my writing score. I got 28 but to be honest with you, the integrated essay was easy. I wrote a lot and I had 2 minutes left. I was just trying to check everything.  

And the independent was nice too. The topic was something about students. I had practiced writing about students a lot, so I had many ideas. I was thinking, “Oh this is very nice”. I wrote my notes on paper first, so I wouldn’t forget them. I actually agreed with the prompt but I had more ideas about disagreeing so I wrote about that. I gave examples but in the professional way you told me. I also added ‘even though’, and I used ‘if’. I had time left so I checked it and I read it multiple times. It was nice.

You told me in the beginning, “Hasnaa, we will change the way you study”.

Well, it was worth it!

Ready for lessons?

When I took the exam I didn’t tell anybody in my family.

I knew the results would come out on Friday morning, so I told myself, “Hasnaa just go to sleep before you see the result.” It was midnight, I was very tired, but I woke up at 3am, just like that. I woke up and thought, “Let me see my result”. I knew it would be there on my phone because they send you a text.

When I saw it, I looked at it for 5 minutes thinking, “Is it right? Maybe something is wrong. Let me check, line by line”. I didn’t believe it until I took a screenshot of the scores. And I kept checking it.

I wanted to scream but everybody was sleeping… When they woke up, they were so happy. My mom cried. Everyone was crying. I am the only one who did not cry.


Hasnaa's Exam Results

How Jane Helped

Thank you Jane, thank you thank you thank you….

You are the most wonderful person. I’m not saying that because I passed but you care more about the students and their scores than anybody else.

I had with 5 teachers. No one showed me the care you did. You care about the person. You say, “I want you to pass. Just listen to me. Do what I’m saying. I know.” I love you that’s it, I love you. You are the most wonderful person I ever met as a teacher.

When I studied with other teachers I spent 2 months with them maximum then I needed to move on. But I liked the way you teach and I felt relaxed when I was talking to you. I love your way of teaching.

Thank you, thank you so much. You mean a lot to me honestly. You are a good person and you should feel proud about what you do with the students. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate what you did for me.

I like you most of all the teachers that I studied with. I’m the lucky one. It was a nice experience working with you and I’m telling all the people I know from TOEFL about you. It’s the least thing I can do for you.

Advice for other Students

If you don’t want to waste your time with other teachers and with studying by yourself, just work with Jane. That’s my advice.