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Everyone has a different experience of TOEFL. Perhaps you've never taken the exam before and you want to be sure you're completely prepared for your first attempt. Perhaps you've taken the exam many times and tried everything to get your target scores.

If you’re not sure which method of studying to choose, or if you have questions, then I’m here to help you!

personalized tuition

….then you may want to consider personalized tuition.

Have you struggled with TOEFL previously?

Are you overwhelmed by all the TOEFL resources and advice available?

Do you study best when you have a regular schedule?

Do you prefer to have someone guiding and advising you?

I have been tutoring TOEFL students in private lessons since 2015 and I know exactly what to do to help you get your target scores. Many students recommend me  to their friends because they value the support that I give.

I take an analytical approach to TOEFL tutoring which means I find out exactly what your weaknesses are, then I work with you to improve them. I don't leave anything to chance.

I plan all your lessons especially for you. We meet for 2 lessons a week and I guide and advise you. It's just you and me, with no other distractions, so we go entirely at your pace.

We'll work together, step by step, until you're completely confident and ready to do your TOEFL exam

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self-study courses

……then you may want to consider self-study courses.

Do you work irregular hours or does your schedule change frequently?

Do you prefer to set your own study goals?

Are you organized and motivated?

Do you like to learn by reading documents and watching videos?

Self-study courses are perfect if you can't commit to regular lessons. They contain all the strategies and resources that I share with students in private lessons but you work at your own pace to complete the material.

Self-study courses are cost effective and convenient!

I'm adding more courses on TOEFL topics so if you don't see a course you want, let me know and check back here soon.


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….then you may want to consider joining a webinar

Are you mostly happy self-studying but you’d like to check in with a teacher occasionally?

Are you interested in focusing on a specific TOEFL topic and being able to ask questions to find out more?

Do you like to be in a group situation with other students and hear their questions?

Birkenhead English webinars are starting in September / October 2020.

More details will be available soon.

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Here are some questions that students have asked about studying for TOEFL.

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