Student Stories

Here are stories from some of the students who have achieved their target TOEFL scores. They come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and are in different professions.

But they all have one thing in common; they really, really wanted to get their TOEFL scores so they could carry on with their lives.

None of them worked completely alone. They all had support from different people....family, friends, co-workers, and teachers. Some suffered setbacks but they were motivated to push on and succeed.

You are not alone in your TOEFL challenge.

You can be a success story too.

Philipp's TOEFL Story

This is Philipp, a biology student who lives in Germany.

He was aiming for a high TOEFL score (100+) in order to apply for a master’s program where all the instruction will be in English.

Philipp had studied English in school for many years, and had travelled in English speaking countries, so his proficiency in English was very good before he started studying for TOEFL.

However, his motivation and the thoroughness that he applied to his TOEFL studying meant that he achieved a very high score.

His TOEFL score was a fantastic 116 with R28 L30 S29 W29.


Philipp's Story

Quirenia's TOEFL Story

Imagine getting your TOEFL results early in the morning when you’re on vacation in Spain!

Imagine finding out you passed and that you can spend the whole day celebrating!

This was Quirenia’s experience.

She’s a pharmacist from Cuba and she now lives in Florida. When she first started studying for TOEFL, she had very little knowledge of English.

She gave up her job so that she could concentrate fully on her studying but also, because she was surrounded by Spanish speakers at work, she realised that wasn’t helping her to improve her English.

It took her 3 years, but with hard work and dedication, she achieved her target scores.

You can read her inspiring story and about her amazing celebrations here.


Quirenia's Story

Meriet's TOEFL Story

Meriet approached Jane specifically for help with TOEFL writing.

She had been studying TOEFL for a while and like all pharmacists, she needed a speaking score of 26 and a writing score of 24. She had successfully achieved 26 in the TOEFL exam for speaking but she was stuck at around 22 – 23 in writing.

It was as a result of lessons with Meriet, that Jane created the self-study online course, Independent Writing for TOEFL. Many of the writing-specific exercises and resources that Jane created especially for Meriet, are included in this course.

Thank you Meriet for your inspiration!

Meriet's Story

Irma's TOEFL Story

Meet Irma - a nurse who got a speaking score of 28!

She's originally from Barcelona, Spain and she now lives in the USA with her husband. She's an experienced nurse and she'd worked in Spain for over 20 years but she needed to do TOEFL to work as a nurse in the USA.

Her target scores were speaking 26, with an overall total score of 83.

We started lessons together after she'd been self-studying for just over a year. She'd attempted TOEFL 5 times by herself and her speaking score was stuck at 23 - 24.

She decided to get help to get to S26.

Irma's Story

A Dentist's Story

This Californian dentist needed a TOEFL score of 100+ in order to apply to competitive west coast dental schools. She took the exam 5 times and achieved a maximum total score of 99.

In frustration, she gave up her dream of being a dentist in the USA and started a graduate degree instead.

However, something inside her told her not to give up completely. She realized that she did want to continue with her dental career and she decided to try TOEFL again.

She wanted to aim for a total target score of 104 - 106 in order to be really competitive in her application and she studied intensively for several months.

Read her full story to find out what happened.

Dentist's Story

Jeressy's TOEFL Story

Jeressy is originally from Mexico and now she lives in Texas. All the time she was studying for TOEFL, she was incredibly busy, working as a nanny and a fashion designer. She needed TOEFL to get her teacher's certification to become a bilingual teacher. After many attempts at the exam, she got scores of R23, L23, S27 and W24.


Jeressy's Story

Liyi's TOEFL Story

Liyi is a PhD computer science student from Illinois. His native language is Chinese. After a long, long TOEFL journey with a lot of setbacks, he finally achieved his target scores.

Liyi's Story

Adriana's TOEFL Story

Adriana is a physical therapist from Brazil. She needed to raise her score from S24 to S26 and from W21 to W24. After several months studying, she took TEOFL and scored a total of 103 including S27 and W25.

Adriana's Story

Javad is a pharmacist from Iran. He lives in the US and needed TOEFL for his professional license. He was stuck on S23 and S24 for many exam attempts over 3 years, before he made a breakthrough and got S27. His final total score was a fantastic 105!

Javad's TOEFL Story

Javad's Story

I want to thank you a lot. You have been more than an excellent teacher. You believed in me more than I could imagine. I feel I can successfully put this part behind me and go for the next step.

Your lessons gave me confidence. When I read success stories about others, I never thought I would be one among them. I was struggling with TOEFL for many years. My FPGEE validity also expired. Now, I'm planning to retake it and start my journey to become a pharmacist in the US. I don't have words to explain how thankful I am for your help. Thank you so much.

I am from Jordan, now I live in the US and wanted to be a math teacher. I needed 26 in speaking in order to be a certified teacher. Jane helped me to be confident in the test, not to panic and to use the time wisely. Before I started with Jane, I was stuck with S23 and couldn't figure out what to do. I did TOEFL 3 times, then I started online lessons with Jane. She was able to figure out exactly what I had to focus on. She helped me fix my grammar mistakes, pronunciation and taught me how to speak with confidence. Now I can move on and start a career that I love. To teach math in Texas in the US. I am so happy that with the 26 speaking score. I was accepted into the teaching program in Texas for teacher certification and now I can focus on my future. I really appreciate Jane who helped me to pass the test with her incredible coaching. :)

I did TOEFL for the first time and scored 77. After that, I decided to search for a specialised teacher. I did classes with Jane, focused on the speaking section, and learned it was very important to understand that I should use a method to answer the questions. Jane taught me the structure of the sentences and some incredible tips! Now, my score after the classes is 92! If you are looking for a teacher, I highly recommend Jane. She is going to teach you the strategies behind the test. Thank you so much Jane!

Ghada's Letter

Dimple's Feedback

Renata's Story

Start studying as soon as possible. I think if I had started preparing for TOEFL sooner, I would have had a much better result. I also want to emphasise the importance of good guidance. Just practicing is good, but without the right guidance, it's hard to progress.

N is an MBA candidate from Thailand. He needed a high TOEFL score to be able to apply to competitive MBA programs in American universities. After 4 months of lessons, he achieved an amazing total score of 108! And he received an offer to study on the MBA program of one of his top choice business schools. His advice for TOEFL students is:

Mina is a pharmacist from Egypt. He had been living in the USA for 3 years and took TOEFL 18 times before he got his target scores. He got S28! He shared his feedback and advice to help other TOEFL students to study more effectively.

1. Don't speak that formally. Put some passion and emphasis into your answer. I never did that before but in this exam, I spoke as if I was talking to a friend.

2. Study regularly because it does make a difference. You forget things if you don't keep going.

3. Work on pronunciation. There are some words that come up again and again in TOEFL so be careful with the pronunciation of those. Listen carefully to any corrections from your teacher.

4. Pay attention to the details because they are important.

5. Try to practice time management as well. There is a lot you have to do!





Mina's Studying Advice

N's TOEFL Advice


Wilson's Feedback

My sessions with Jane were very important because she helped me to hone my English skills not only for the TOEFL but also for my future life in Canada. Her teaching methods are very solid, efficient and inspiring. At the beginning, I was a little insecure about my speaking and writing, but we worked on them, and now I am better than ever. Every lesson was thought to fit my needs, and that made all the difference for my progress. It was a fantastic experience. Jane, thank you so much for your help

Yael's Feedback

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