Successful Students

Here are some students, just like you, who studied for TOEFL.

They each had their own challenges and some suffered setbacks, but through hard work and determination, they achieved their target scores.

Click the photos to read their inspirational stories.

Diego is a chemical engineer from Columbia.

His  target TOEFL score was 90 and with just one attempt at TOEFL he scored a fantastic 94. Now, he can apply for PhD programs in biotechnology.

Hilda is a teacher from Mexico who now lives in Texas.

She exceeded her target TOEFL scores and achieved R22 L23 S28 W24. Now she can continue in the next step to her bilingual teacher's license.

Dalal is a pharmacist from Iraq who now lives in Minnesota.

She studied incredibly hard and, after many attempts, exceeded her target TOEFL scores with R27 L21 S26 W28. Now she can prepare for her next pharmacy exams.

This is Philipp, a biology student from Germany. His target score was 100+ which he needed to apply for a Master's program.

He achieved an outstanding TOEFL score of 116 on his first attempt at the exam, with R28 L30 S29 W29.


Hasnaa is a pharmacist from Iraq who now lives in Minnesota.

She achieved fantastic TOEFL scores of R22 L22 S27 W24 and can now continue in the next step to her pharmacy license.

This is Meriet. She's a pharmacist who was juggling studying for TOEFL with looking after her newborn baby.

Her final TOEFL score was a wonderful R30 L29 S27 W27.

Quirenia is a pharmacist from Cuba and she now lives in Florida. When she first started studying for TOEFL, she had very little knowledge of English.

With hard work and dedication, she achieved a fantastic TOEFL score of R24 L24 S27 W25.


This dentist is originally from Pakistan and now lives in California. She had a target TOEFL score of 104 - 106 so she could apply to competitive dental programs.

After studying incredibly hard for many months, she earned a fantastic score of 113 with R27 L29 S29 and W28. 

This is Irma, an experienced nurse from Barcelona who lives in Washington. Her target TOEFL score was a total of 83 with S26.

After focusing on speaking for several months, she exceeded her target score and achieved S28!

Liyi is a PhD computer science student from Illinois. He needed a TOEFL score of S24 to keep studying in his PhD program.

After a long, long TOEFL journey with a lot of setbacks, he finally achieved his target score of S24.

This is Jeressy, a teacher from Mexico who now lives in Texas. She needed TOEFL for her university bilingual teaching program.

After many months of focused studying, she was successful with scores of R23, L23, S27 and W24. 

Javad is a pharmacist from Iran who now lives in the USA. He was stuck on S23 and S24 for many exam attempts over 3 years, before he made a breakthrough and got S27.

His final total score was a fantastic R27 L27 S27 W25!


Adriana is a physical therapist from Brazil who now lives in the USA. She required TOEFL scores of S26 and W24 for her physical therapy license.

Her total TOEFL score was a wonderful 103 with S27 and W25. 

Advice from Students

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