Personalized tuition is the most effective way of studying for TOEFL.

Your entire lesson plan is based on what you need to succeed. You don’t have the distraction of other students. It’s just you and me. You can be super focused and concentrate on YOUR success.

Everyone learns differently and personalized attention means faster progress.

Personal TOEFL Tuition

I offer payment options to allow you to pay weekly or in 2 or 3 instalments.

I don't charge extra for this service (unlike big language schools that often add on 'admin' fees).

Payment is by credit card through my secure invoicing system.

How Much Does It Cost?

I charge a rate of USD $56.25 per 60 minute lesson.

It's the same rate whether you buy 1 or 12 lessons. That means it's fair, you can budget easily, and you can add on additional lessons when your package ends.

Normally, it takes around 5 to 6 weeks for any realistic changes to happen in language learning. When we chat at the beginning of your lessons with me, I will advise you how many lessons you should consider, and I'll make a lesson plan for you.  

For most students, I recommend at least 8 or 10 lessons. This allows us to cover the requirements and practice the skills needed for each section of the exam. If you just want to focus on one skill, then it's possible to schedule fewer lessons.

For ALL lesson packages, you should build in extra time for homework and self-study.

Price Calculations:

4 lessons = USD $225

8 lessons = USD $450

12 lessons = USD $675

16 lessons = USD $900


Every study package includes your lessons with me AND all these additional items:

o  A personalised study plan to show your steps to TOEFL success.

o  Lessons in Zoom so you can record your lesson and review it later.

o   Creative, practical exercises to build strong language foundations.

o   Homework and self-study guidance.

o  My audio recordings of your speaking responses for listen and repeat practice.

o   Detailed feedback for everything you do.

o   My own resources created especially for TOEFL students.

o   Stress management and motivation advice.

o   Exam strategy advice.

o   Exam style practice and review as you get closer to your exam date.

o   My complete support for the entire time you study with me.


What's Included?

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to find out more about lessons

Everyone learns and responds to feedback differently so it’s impossible for me to answer this question before I get to know you properly.

Every good TOEFL teacher will say the same thing!

Improving your skill in a language is not the same as memorizing facts. To get better at a language, you need to allow time for your brain to form new connections, and you need  a lot of time to practice the new skills you learn.

For most students, this will take months rather than weeks.

A score increase of 2 to 3 points in one section may not seem like a lot. But, I know from many years of teaching, most students will need several months to increase their TOEFL speaking score from 23 or 24 to 26.

So please be realistic about the time you need to study for TOEFL.

Start preparing for TOEFL well in advance of your final deadline.

How Long Will It Take?

Ready For Lessons?


This is a very approximate guide based on my experience of working with TOEFL students. Everyone learns differently. You may need longer to prepare, or you may be ready sooner.

My aim is for you to be happy and confident when you go to your TOEFL exam. I don't want you to waste your time and money with multiple exam attempts.

It takes time to build language skills.

Please remember this!

Here is a guide to the amount of time you should allow

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