Are you mostly happy to study by yourself, but you’d like to check in with a TOEFL teacher sometimes to get help on specific topics?

Would you like to meet other motivated TOEFL students and learn from their questions?

Birkenhead English webinars will start soon.

Webinars can act as a bridge between self-study and private lessons. If you’ve been struggling with a topic, a webinar will help you understand it better.

Or, if you’ve been thinking about private tuition but you’re not sure whether to commit to it, attending a webinar will give you a chance to meet me and to decide if you’d like to work with me.

Why Should I Join?

Format of Webinars

Each webinar will last between 60 - 75 minutes. I will prepare a presentation on a specific TOEFL topic and then you’ll have a chance to ask questions about that topic.

Topics might include:

o   How to answer the summary questions in the reading section.

o   How to think of ideas for independent essays.

o   How to listen and take notes at the same time.

o   What to talk about in speaking task 1.

o   How to manage time and say everything in speaking task 3.

Anything to do with TOEFL!

I’ll update the list of topics depending on feedback I get.

Please note that webinars are NOT the same as group classes.

Webinars are events for large groups of students (probably around 15 - 20).

Webinars are individual events. You may register for one or many - it’s up to you.

Webinars will consist of a presentation and a question and answer session.

You can attend a webinar and just listen. You don’t have to participate.

Webinars Are Not Group Classes


I plan to keep the cost of webinars low.

More information will be available when webinar details are finalized.

What Will Webinars Cost?

Webinars will begin in soon.

If this is something you’re interested in, please complete this form to let me know.

I’ll keep you up to date with webinar dates and topics so you can be first in line to sign up!