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Hi, I'm Jane Birkenhead. I specialise in teaching TOEFL students online and over the past four years, I've helped many international professionals, like you, to TOEFL success. I teach all 4 sections of the exam, and help you to explore links between them so you can practice efficiently. We go at your pace and every lesson is personalised for you and your learning style.

Is this what you need?

... personalised lessons with an experienced teacher who will help you succeed?

...  to use every minute of every lesson productively so you don't waste your time?

...  individual, clear feedback that explains your errors?

...  to feel happy and motivated at the end of every lesson?

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A hard-working dentist from California scored 113 in her exam! Now she can apply to competitive dental schools.

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In Lessons We Will

...focus on exactly what YOU need.

We'll start by creating a study plan especially for you. We'll work out your weaker areas and spend time focusing on those. We'll make sure you have the really strong language proficiency skills you need for the different sections of the exam. Then, as you get closer to your exam date, we'll move on to exam style practice.

By the time you go to your exam, you'll be confident, happy and ready for TOEFL success. Would you like to have lessons with me?

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