Hello! I'm Jane Birkenhead.  

Birkenhead English is my own company which I set up so I could work directly with exam students.

Whether you are new to TOEFL, or if you have taken the exam many times, I can analyze your weaknesses and help you to succeed.


About Birkenhead English

I started working with TOEFL students in 2015. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of hours of lessons, and worked with students from different professions, countries and language groups.

I've created my own exclusive TOEFL resources which I use with my students in personalised online TOEFL lessons.

I'm known for being thorough and for my attention to detail. And also for my friendliness and my positive attitude!

Guidance from an experienced TOEFL teacher

It's important to speak clearly in your TOEFL exam.

Watch this video to learn more about accents in English.

Birkenhead English

When you study with me, your TOEFL lesson is entirely devoted to you. We go at YOUR pace and we focus on YOUR weaknesses.  

In lessons, we use secure video conferencing technology which allows you to record your lesson. I share a selection of carefully prepared resources and, if you need them, I will create extra resources especially for you.

You'll get my detailed feedback for everything you do in lessons and for homework.  Everything is organized to help you study effectively.

Your Personalized TOEFL Lessons

I work from my calm, quiet home office where you will have my complete attention for your entire TOEFL lesson time.

All you have to do is come prepared to your lesson, do your homework and practice, and I can help you succeed in TOEFL!

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Teaching qualifications and TOEFL experience

Did you know that ANYONE can call themselves a TOEFL teacher? They don't need qualifications or experience of the TOEFL exam. There are no industry checks to make sure people are genuine.  

If you are serious about getting your TOEFL scores and achieving your dreams, you owe it to yourself to work with an experienced, trusted professional.  

Look at every TOEFL tutor's qualifications and experience before you decide whether to work with them.

o   I've been teaching English to adults for 14 years.

o   I've taught English in colleges and in workplaces, for big classes, small groups and individuals.

o   I started working with TOEFL students, in private lessons, in 2015.

o   I specialize in working with exam preparation students. I don't do any other sort of teaching.

o   I've taught thousands of hours of TOEFL classes and worked with students from all language groups from around the world.

o   I've created my own exclusive TOEFL studying resources and developed online self-study courses.

o   I have an MA in Applied Linguistics from Carleton University in Ottawa. I was a TA there and worked in the university writing centre.

o   I have a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa. I received the Award of Excellence in TESL for my teaching performance.

o   When I did the TOEFL exam, I scored 120 / 120.

o   I'm a qualified accountant and I worked in the finance departments of large companies in the UK for many years.

o   I have an BSc degree in geology. That means I understand a lot of the TOEFL science texts!

o   Explore my Birkenhead English Facebook page.

Here is a list of my qualifications and experience so you can check me out:

"Meeting you gave me hope and relief. Speaking with you was eye-opening and inspiring. For the first time, someone has told me exactly what to do. Thank you for addressing all my concerns and for your lovely comforting smile."

Meriet -pharmacist

This is what other students have said about me

"You were so patient with me and you never gave up. Something that I really appreciated was that you took my recordings seriously, making sure you understood what I was telling you and making it easier for me to understand my mistakes. I wish I had taken lessons with you earlier and I 100% recommend you."

Irma - nurse

"One of the things that makes me happy about you is that you think about your students. I feel that you are all the time thinking of your students and worried about what is happening with them. Honestly I’ve never felt this with an online tutor, or with any of the professors I’ve had in my entire life."

Quirenia - pharmacist

"I feel that you are interested in helping students. You told me my real struggles and what kind of things I needed to work on. I was very surprised by that and I felt like I had been walking around with a mask on. Like I was trying to take TOEFL but not addressing the problem properly."

Jeressy - teacher